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This component provides maps for managing objects by name (string), and also provides utility methods. vglNamespace object can be injected to descendant components for using it. It has following namespaces:

  • vglNamespace.cameras
  • vglNamespace.scenes
  • vglNamespace.geometries
  • vglNamespace.materials
  • vglNamespace.textures
  • vglNamespace.curves
  • vglNamespace.object3ds

Each namespace internally has a map of strings and objects, and has methods to access them. Each namespace has following methods:

  • Namespace.prototype.get(key: string) Get an instance corresponding passed key.
  • Namespace.prototype.set(key: string, inst: any) Set an instance corresponding passed key.
  • Namespace.prototype.delete(key: string, inst: any) Delete an instance corresponding passed key, only if the instance exactly equals passed inst.
  • Namespace.prototype.listen(key: string, callback: func) Add a listener function that will be called when the instance corresponding passed key changes.
  • Namespace.prototype.unlisten(key: string, callback: func) Remove a listener function registered to passed key.

When VglNamespace components are nested, they create nested namespaces except for cameras and scenes. Since a nested namespace search instances only in its ancestors, you can use same key string in sibling namespaces.