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This is the base mixin component for most object components in VueGL, corresponding THREE.Object3D. Object3d components inside a object3d component are added as children via THREE.Object3D.prototype.add() method.

VglObject3d components inside default slots are added as children.


  • position vector3 (optional)

    The object’s local position as a 3D vector.

  • rotation euler (optional)

    The object’s local rotation as a euler angle.

  • rotation-quaternion quaternion (optional)

    The object’s local rotation as a quaternion (specified in x, y, z, w order). Do not use in conjunction with the rotation prop, since they both control the same property of the underlying THREE.Object3D object.

  • scale vector3 (optional)

    The object’s local scale as a 3D vector.

  • cast-shadow boolean (optional)

    Whether the object gets rendered into shadow map.

  • receive-shadow boolean (optional)

    Whether the material receives shadows.

  • name name (optional)

    Optional name of the object.

  • hidden boolean (optional)

    Whether the object is visible.

computed properties

  • inst

    The THREE.Object3D instance.

  • parent

    The parent THREE.Object3D instance.

    dependencies: vglObject3d


  • emitAsObject3d()

    Emit an event in the object3ds namespace.