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This light gets emitted from a single point in one direction, along a cone that increases in size the further from the light it gets. Corresponding THREE.SpotLight. This light can cast shadows.

Properties of VglLight are also available as mixin.


  • distance float (optional)

    The distance from the light where the intensity is 0. When set to 0, then the light never stops.

  • decay float (optional) default: 1

    The amount the light dims along the distance of the light. For physically correct lighting, set this to 2.

  • angle float (optional) default: [object Object]

    Maximum extent of the spotlight, in radians, from its direction. Should be no more than Math.PI/2.

  • penumbra float (optional)

    Percent of the spotlight cone that is attenuated due to penumbra. Takes values between zero and 1.

  • target vector3 (optional)

    The spotlight’s pointing position.

computed properties

  • inst

    The THREE.SpotLight instance.